Global Knowledge Services

In a highly competitive environment, businesses need to focus on core activities and outsource non-core activities to specialized service providers.

We offer our clients a range of outsourcing services from payroll processing to end-to-end compliance to virtual CFO services.

Our services not only drive day-to-day efficiencies but also foster far-sighted decision-making.

Solutions offered by Baker Tilly

    As business systems come together, data convergence is indispensable.

    XBRL allows regulatory systems to interact via a common platform. We attest correct data use, information sharing and informed decision-making.

    Considering the growing importance of financial and non-financial reporting, we have developed extensive XBRL for domestic and global clients.
    Our XBRL-enabled services :
    •     Regulatory filling and certification
    •     XBRL-enabled MIS
    •     XBRL-enabled consolidation of financial statements
    With large infrastructure and government projects catering to an increasing population, it has become imperative for a model building and analytics system to test value-creation capabilities.

    We have created these models through exhaustive research. Moreover, we test their efficacy continuously

    We have developed extensive financial modelling capabilities for infrastructure projects.
    Our service portfolio includes:
    •     Financial model building
    •     Independent review/ audit of financial model
    •     Managing financial models and MIS
    With the number of start-ups and MNCs growing around the world, there is a need for accounting and consulting firms specializing in accounting and allied services (formation and registration of new companies, accounting, payroll processing, secretarial compliance, reconciliations and physical verification of large scale inventory and fixed assets).

    We come in as 'virtual' CFO and accounts department through onshore and off-shore models. We provide end-to-end outsourcing services to clients (both local and global).

    We offer comprehensive customised services in the following accounting areas:
    •     Financial and Management Accounting services
    •     HR and Payroll services
    •     Physical verification of inventories and fixed assets